Days & Time:

  • 3 days/week Monday-Wednesday 11:30-3:00 pm; includes supervised lunch
  • 5 days/week Monday-Friday 11:30-3:00 pm; includes supervised lunch

A companion program for children attending our Growing Into Kindergarten OR a single program for children attending morning Kindergarten at a nearby elementary school. Discovery would provide the complete kindergarten experience with enrichment activities. Maximum age is 6 by the end of the school year. Children will be engaged in the four areas of development: physical, emotional, social and academic.

What this enrichment program offers your child:

  • A balanced, theme-based curriculum
  • Time for group and individual exploration of concepts and various media
  • A designated time for gross motor activities every day
  • A time to develop individual creativity through centers and play
  • A chance to further develop curiosity, excitement and interest in learning

Advantages of Discovery:

  • Transition time after morning kindergarten including a lunch hour to socialize with friends
  • Cooking activities featuring math, nutrition, following directions & sequencing
  • Science activities and experiments encouraging observation and exploration of their world
  • Active math to expand on concepts: patterning, graphing, estimating
  • Centers that feature creative, pretend situations as well as individual academic areas of learning
  • Arts & crafts projects
  • Author studies using the best in children’s literature
  • Music experiences with rhythms, instruments, and movement
  • Developing the skills of independence, self-control, and responsibility
  • 30 minutes of gym activities, playground or organized games daily