5-Day Growing Into Kindergarten

Developmental Kindergarten Readiness with Music Enrichment

Note: This program is for children 5 years old

Days & Time:

  • Monday through Friday 9:00 – 11:30am or 12:30-3:00pm

The young child learns by actively participating in daily activities. Our program encourages children to be explorers, creators, communicators, questioners, problem solvers, thinkers, and socializers. The curriculum assesses and matches a child’s level of development. Each child has unique needs and abilities because each child’s experiences and backgrounds are unique.

What our Growing Into Kindergarten program offers your child:

  • An appropriately designed curriculum tailored to fit and nurture the needs of a 4-5 year old child
  • Experiences in problem-solving, thinking, reasoning, and creating to prepare the child for future school years
  • Opportunities to grow in all areas of development: physical, linguistic, social, emotional, and mental
  • Continuous development of body control which encourages the child to participate in activities promoting gross and fine motor coordination
  • Sharpen auditory and visual perception skills to prepare the child for socialization by increasing a greater awareness of themselves as individuals and members of society
  • Stimulate exploration, creativity, and learning of concepts through meaningful information relevant to the child’s experience and development

Additional advantages to Growing Into Kindergarten:

  • Chapel once a month
  • Music Enrichment Class included
  • 3-4 field trips
  • Study of a foreign culture
  • In-depth alphabet study
  • Use of written media to express thoughts and concepts: journaling
  • Use of hands-on manipulatives to explore math concepts
  • Literature based curriculum
  • Study of the environment around us